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Welcome to The Plant House

Rooted in Love, Growing in Style



We love plants. And what they do for us. And we also love our community. The Plant House objective is to care for your plants, teach about caring for plants, and promote the community. 


Inspired by countless conversations and pleas from friends to "rescue my plant!" TPH was created to make plant care flexible and help our neighbors with "brown thumbs."

The Plant House is here to help you breathe easy with our plant expertise.


Book with us:


  • Consultations on plant care. We can teach you how to keep your plants alive.

  • Convenient repotting services. We come to your home and do the repotting thing. Easy.

  • Unique plant events. We do very cool and chic plant events. For all ages.    

DALL·E 2023-02-27 21.48.00 - high definition image of eucalyptus bouquet with a white back
Plant Hanger

"Not only do my plants look better than ever, but they also offered me personalized attention and care throughout the entire process. It's clear that they value their customers and take pride in delivering exceptional work. Thank you, Anna!

— Maria, Chicago

Indoor Plants

"I met Anna at my local farmers market. I shortly scheduled a virtual consultation. Anna is very knowledgeable on indoor plant care! She is one of the friendliest and passionate person you'll meet. I will be recommending The Plant House to all my friends and family!

— Michelle, Chicago

Save Your Spot

No upcoming events at the moment
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